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At Rowe Chiropractic and Acupuncture our core focus for treating patients is based on the chiropractic adjustment.  The main type of chiropractic technique we utilize is a hands-on manual high velocity low amplitude type of adjustment, however there are many other techniques that we use in addition to various types of physiotherapy modalities.  A combination of the following treatment modalities are utilized to develop a treatment protocol that is customized to fit you and your individual needs.

Diversified Technique:  This type of chiropractic technique is the most widely used and probably what you are most familiar with if you have prior experience with chiropractic.  It utilizes a hands on approach to give a high-velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrust into the spine to mobilize restricted areas and restore proper movement and alignment by correcting joint dysfunction. 

Graston Technique:  This technique is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that helps reduce soft tissue and muscular restrictions by utilizing specially designed stainless steel instruments to detect and treat fibrosis within various muscles. 

Activator Technique:  The activator technique uses an adjusting instrument to apply a force into the spine instead of the doctor using a hands on approach.  This technique is generally accepted as a more gentle way of adjusting.  Activator technique may be applied to most patients, however it may be more appropriate for those patients who are older and have some osteoporosis, for younger children and infants, for post-surgical patients, or for other patients in which forceful manual manipulation is contraindicated.

Flexion - Distraction Technique:  This technique is performed in a somewhat modified fashion in our clinic, using Leander tables instead of traditional Cox F/D tables, however the same principle applies.  This technique is safe and gentle and works especially well for lower back pain - for example from a disc bulge or herniation among other conditions.

Acupuncture / Meridian Therapy:  In addition to chiropractic treatment our clinic also offers treatment in the form of acupuncture, also referred to as meridian therapy.  Acupuncture has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and is becoming a more popular and well accepted form of treatment here in the U.S.  Acupuncture has become so successful that it is now endorsed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  Acupuncture is a safe form of treatment with very little side effects and in most cases virtually painless.

Whiplash & Personal Injury Treatment:  Dr. Rowe is a specialist at treating whiplash and personal injury or work related injuries.  He received advanced training from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego in whiplash injuries from motor vehicle collisions.  It is extremely important to seek chiropractic care following a motor vehicle crash, even a very minor one.  Even if symptoms seem to clear up on their own it is possible for problems to develop later on from untreated injuries sustained in vehicle crashes or work related injuries.

X-Rays:  In some cases it is necessary to take x-rays to better understand the clinical scenario.  X-rays are not taken in every case, however depending on the presenting symptoms and the physical exam findings radiographs may be taken when clinically indicated.  Our clinic uses high frequency equipment with minimum exposure time to help prevent any unnecessary exposure.

Physiotherapy & Rehab Modalities:  In addition to chiropractic and acupuncture our clinic uses other modalities to help aid in treatment depending on the clinical scenario.  Some of these modalities include:  intersegmental traction, interferential electrical stimulation, ultrasound, kinesiotaping, soft tissue mobilization, hydrocollator, cryotherapy, etc...  Your individual clinical case dictates the modalities that are utilized to help you achieve optimum results.